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Privacy Policy

  • SunMart Lanka respects the privacy of its website users and has given top priority to protecting them in all internet activities. That means: We are committed to ensuring we treat with the utmost diligence and integrity all of the information you provide. This also involves, and especially, collaboration with partners and third parties. However, in situations where this is not specified explicitly, does not accept responsibility for third parties. We seek to protect your privacy rights on systems and the Internet operated by us, but we are not responsible for any unauthorized or illegal disclosure of your personal and confidential information by third parties not subject to our control, such as advertisers and websites which have links to our Website.


  • SunMart Lanka collects, stores and processes personal data solely in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions and to the extent necessary for fulfilling the contractual relationship between the provider and the user or for providing the required and necessary services. Furthermore, we collect and process address and order data for our own marketing purposes. In addition, anonymous user profiles may be used for internal market research purposes and to improve our range of products and services, in accordance with applicable legislation. Personal information means any information which is given to us by the user of SunMart Lanka (www.sunmart.lk) and which may be used to identify an individual (first and last name, address, fixed and mobile number). By taking technological and organizational precautions against failure, damage, access, alteration and dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons, we protect our website and other systems. Nevertheless, a total safety against all hazards is not possible despite daily controls.


  • This website uses Google Analytics (www.google.com) technologies to collect data for optimisation purposes. SunMart Lanka may use the collected data to provide enhanced and individualized products and services to the customer on www.sunmart.lk Such data will not be revealed to third parties.